October 4, 2019

The Avenir Condo Launch at River Valley Close (NEW)

With the announcement of The Avenir, excited buyers expect to see more updates within the next 6 months from developers. Due to the high anticipation of the condo launch, we’ve prepared a quick review for what you can expect below:

Location: The Avenir condo location looks to be a pretty attractive one. In River Valley, right on the edge of the Orchard Road shopping belt, and close to the business district of Raffles Place / Marina Bay / Shenton Way.

  • Minutes to UE Square Shopping Mall and Liang Court
  • 2-3 Minutes Drive to popular attractions (F&B outlets, lifestyle malls etc)
  • 12 mins walk to Orchard Road
  • Excellent connectivity and mature amenities and entertainment options
  • Nightlife entertainment at Robertson Quay

Shops, F&B, Hotels, Banks, Supermarkets: . This part of River Valley is opposite Killiney Road (with the famous Killiney Coffeeshop), that leads to the Somerset section of Orchard Road.

The closest big shopping mall to walk to is actually Great World City, around 600m (or an 8 to 9-minute walk). Easily shop for your basic necessities here, including finding F&B options, shopping plus entertainment.

Note: Especially with the upcoming Great World MRT, residents of The Avenir will experience ultimate access and convenience, and within minutes by public transport to many important nodes on the island and CBD.

With just 12 minutes walk to Orchard Road, expect to find even busier sections of Singapore that features luxury shopping lifestyle.

Lifestyle: The Avenir location is within walking distance of Robertson Quay. This part of the Singapore River is a fascinating mix of the old and the new.

Here we have an eclectic jumble of pubs, bistros, cafes, art houses, mixed with fine dining restaurants & alfresco cafes. Many of them housed in refurbished conservation shophouses and warehouses, in delightful contrast against the sleek outlines of the new boutique hotels and hotels skirting the river.

This nightlife spot at the upper reaches of the Singapore River offers lots of pleasant places for a cosy dinner by the river, or a relaxed evening hanging out with friends. The yearly night F1 race is also in the vicinity.

A promenade runs by the river down to Clarke Quay and the CBD. So from the Avenir condo, more energetic residents can cycle or even walk to work.

Festivals and events are also great attractions in Orchard Road. If you live and stay in The Avenir, you are just a couple of street away from all the actions and fun! Some notable festivals and events include:

  • Christmas on A Great Street – Soak in the joyous mood of the most celebrated festival with beautiful lightings and street art decorations.
  • ZoukOut
  • Music Festivals
  • Sporting Events

Schools: The Avenir is ideal as it is located nearby top Singapore Schools, due to it being situated along Duenarn and River Valley Road.

Here’s some of the schools you expect to see:

  • River Valley Primary School
  • St Margaret Primary
  • Catholic JC
  • LASELLE College of Arts
  • Eton House International School

Nearest MRT Station: The Avenir is 750m from Somerset MRT (roughly 10 minutes walk) on the North-South MRT Line. The new Great World MRT will be just minutes away!

When the Great World MRT station on the Thomson East Coast line starts operations in 2021, it presents a nearer connection point. The closest entrance to the station will be around 6 minutes walk away. As the Avenir is slated to complete after that, it should work out quite nicely for residents.

Read more from: https://theavenircondo.sg/the-avenir-condo-quick-review-for-residential-investment-buy/

August 13, 2019

Avenue South Residences: Review & Launch 2019

About Avenue South Residence

Avenue South Residence by UOL Group is a 99 years development by Singapore-listed UOL Group in a joint venture with sister companies, United Industrial Corp and Kheng Leong Company. The condo is situated in the Tanjong Pagar vicinity and the Mount Faber/Telok Blangah vicinity, and a short drive to Chinatown and Outram Park Belt.

Expected to launch Q3 2019, here are some important details we put together so you can get a quick look with concise information:

Factsheet Summary

Project NameAvenue South Residence
AddressSilat Avenue
Tenure99 Years
DeveloperUOL Group
Showflat LocationSilat Avenue
Developer Sales Hotline[Send Enquiry]
Est. Indicative Price/PSF$2000-$2300
No. Of Units1074

The extended factsheet can be found on the home page:

To determine if Avenue South Residence is a buy, here are the key insights and considerations for your review:

Key Insights of Avenue South Residence:

  • Centralized Location and Minutes to CBD, Harbourfront, Central Business District and also South Marina Bay
  • Panoramic unblocked view towards Southern Waterfront District and City
  • Part of Greater Southern Waterfront URA Development Plans
  • Luxury Condo and Fitting
  • Outram MRT Interchange in just less than 15 minutes’ walk or 3 bus stops
  • 99-year leasehold mixed-use development
  • One of the tallest Condominiums in Singapore (Tentatively 56 storeys)
Avenue South Residence Location Overview

Estimated Price of Avenue South Residence

As with any real estate properties, a variety of factors will affect the PSFs and Price of Avenue South Residence.

The tender for Silat Avenue government land site closed on April 26 with a single bid from Singapore-listed UOL Group (Joint Venture). The bid closed at $1.035 billion, or $1,138 psf per plot ratio.

According to Ms. Tricia Song, head of research for Singapore at Colliers International, “Silat Avenue is an appealing site within two kilometers from the Central Business District, and we think the underwhelming tender outcome could be due to the large size of the site and relatively untested location, away from MRT stations”. She also estimated a breakeven price of S$1,600 psf and a selling Avenue South Residence price of between S$1,800 and S$1,900 psf.

Currently, the latest information from the developer has seen a higher tentative price psf of between $2000 – $2300. This could likely see a change on launch, and we will provide the most up-to-date prices on the announced unit mix in Q3.

To learn more, you can visit https://avenuesouthresidencecondo.sg for more information.

Sengkang Grand Residences: Press Release from Official Announcement Site

The Sengkang Grand Residences is a residential condominium property in Sengkang Grand, which is comprised of apartments, retail shops, as well as community facilities, that include a chain of charming dining and on-the-go restaurants, a community club, and a day-care for children. All these facilities are exclusively available for Sengkang Grand Residences’ residents.

Sengkang Grand’s Residences are developed by a duo, which are two of Singapore’s best and most experienced real estate companies, it’s no doubt why this residential development will attract many people and most importantly, investors that seek the opportunity to invest in property development that is worthwhile.

The two real estate agencies include City Developments and CapitaLand Limited. Both agencies, share the goal to work together to transform and redesign the entire site, turning it into a unique architectural landmark development in Singapore. The project is designed with the purpose to combine a professional work element, along with an entertainment element.

The Sengkang Grand Residences Location

The condominium development is located in District 19, which is on the corner of Sengkang Central and Compass vale Bow and will be easily accessible from the closest stations in Buangkok (NE15), the Renjong Station, as well as the Ranggung LRT Station. It is additionally, also located right next to its closest MRT station, which will allow residents to have direct access to transportation amenities from the residential site.

With the project being currently under construction, a total of 682 units is expected to be erected.

The Buangkok station is also located on the North-East line, which leads to Serangoon, Clarke Quay, Doby Ghaut, Chinatown, Outram, as well as HarbourFront stations.

Apart from having a lifestyle center of its own, the property is located close to the NTUC Fairprice, and both the Giant compass vale Bow, along with the shopping mall. Other shopping malls located close to the property development include Compass Point Mall, Compass One Mall, Seletar Mall and Hougang Green Mall.

The Sengkang Grand Residences Unit Mix

With 682 units designed and constructed, these units range from one-bedroom to five-bedroom units, which listing prices may range from $1,450, 000 and its listing PSF, from $1,604,000.

Sizes are as follows:

  • One-bedroom units – 424 – 474 square feet
  • One + One-bedroom units – 517 square feet
  • Two-bedroom units – 616 – 775 square feet
  • Two + One-bedroom units – 775 – 861 square feet
  • Three-bedroom units – 904 – 980 square feet
  • Four-bedroom units – 1152 – 1173 square feet
  • Five-bedroom units – 1302 square feet

Sengkang Grand Residences Closing

The Sengkang Grand Residences is regarded as a building extravaganza, which meets nature and all your daily perfect lifestyle needs, all located in one location. The developers themselves have also designed a specific payment arrangement plan, which includes deferred payment options, and even incorporates discounts to residents.

The Sengkang Grand Residences property development site’s individual, dual, and the entire residential development’s floor plans can be viewed on the website itself once released, for which a viewing can also be arranged once units are complete.

For more information, please refer to the original source at http://sengkanggrand-official.sg

December 22, 2018


Humans of the contemporary epoch live a weird life. In their materialistic pursuit, they work all day and all night and all alone. They have made this Earth a
topsy-turvy land. If some humans are sleeping when the sun is shining bright, then others’ eyes are devoid of sleep even when it is midnight.
But what is shattering to know is that these poor humans are completely unconscious about the fact that this new and absurd ?shift-culture’ is taking a toll on
their physical, mental and emotional health. People are skipping breakfasts and dinners and are getting diabetes and obesity in return. They have no fixed time
for meals; thereby high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome are no big deal. No one cares about a balanced diet, but everyone rounds around doctor when
serious lacuna of nutrients strikes. They believe what is the need of family when money is honey, but then all of them scream depression and mental health
problems in each and every social-blogging.
There are countless such problems and the biggest one is that the shift-culture is the truth of today’s world and cannot be escaped. Nonetheless, we can at least
try to find a mid-way. Or the mid-way exists; all we have to do is to just walk through it. Actually, there is an age old-practice which can be an effective
solution to all these problems. And the solution is to have at least one meal of the day with the family. Most of these problems will promptly disappear.

This is not a superficial statement, but the alternative suggested by numerous researches.
For instance; when families sit down for a meal, young and old members ingest healthy food in place of the usual junk. Researchers of the University of Guelph
found that the teenagers and young adults eat more fruits and vegetables on the dinner table with their parents and relatives. Otherwise, they are always tempted
to eat burgers and pizzas. So if a family-meal can ensure ingestion of required nutrients, then why not give it a shot.
Secondly; family-meals involve discipline. People who eat their meals with their family have a proper time for breakfast, lunch and dinner; which they follow
every single day. Hence circadian rhythms, colloquially called body-clock; works smoothly. When body-clock is happy, a risk of digestive problems and
hypertension gets eliminated automatically.
Thirdly; when we eat food with your loved ones, we acquire love and a sense of belonging which is absent in the ruthless world of outside. Family meals
encourage discussions and everyone share trials and tribulations of their lives. We form stronger bonds with the people which really matter. After working mindnumbingly,
we at least deserve some moments of love and companionship together. Otherwise, what is the benefit of being called a social animal?
Most importantly; family meals will destroy isolation from our self-centric lives. It is the most amazing medicine to heal as well as prevent depression and other
mental health-related problems. So, when there are so many benefits, there should be no hesitation in stealing a few hours from our packed lives. Go and have a meal with your family.


Christmas is all about cozy family-feels. It is a
series of heartfelt moments put together as a festive season. Family
gatherings, traditions, food are all crucial parts of this big celebration. The
best of Christmas begins with the decorations and without decorations Christmas
is incomplete. Here are 5 awesome tips to cozy up your Christmas home this


A theme always adds the extra flair to decoration,
whether it be for Christmas or for any general purpose. Try to look for inspirations
on the internet. You may as well use ideas from your present theme. If the
walls of your home are painted white then it can be a great advantage. You can
put a good base colour along with a suitable decor colour to put up a
Christmas-y theme. For decor color you can go for shades of blue and purple to
give a cool, wintry mood to your house. Use curtains, candles and tiny
Christmas show-pieces of different hues of the same color in the house to
deepen the mood.


we all know Christmas trees have never been out of trend. But, we also know
that it is rather hard to get along with the weight of a full tree. What’s more
disappointing is that these trees are used only once per year and so, happen to
be quite a financial torment on your budget list. So, why not opt for twigs for
decorative purposes? Turn twigs into decorative plants by holding a few strands
of long twigs in an ornamental vase. The benefit of this would be that it takes
less space without looking chaotic. Be creative and add ornaments to the twig
that would suit your floor and walls.


your money of ornamental decorations that will last way beyond the festive
season. These decorations must match your theme color. This way you would be
investing on something more useful on a long-term basis. Choose gold trinkets
that will go with all hues of your room. Try colourful metallic bottles and
matching shades of glasses to decorate the room instead of the common
decorations. You can also add wooden decorations like trays and complement with
coloured scented candles. These will complement your house no matter what the
occasion is.


is incomplete without a feast. A feast means a lot of hard work to prepare
food. Food, especially during feasts, need to look good and food looks good
with the correct service-ware and a perfectly set-up table. Add some miniatures
of Christmas trees and candles along with a few garlands at the centre of the
table to give that special vibe of Christmas. Make sure that the cutlery you
are using goes with the festive mood (choose gold if you cannot decide).
Glassware should be speckle-free and clear as that would add a sparkle to the
table. This set up would be both classic and classy.


lights are evergreen. You can dangle them, hang them to a specific shape, wrap
around the twigs or put them in a large bottle of transparent glass (beware of
heating). This always works regardless of how you put them.